Special Events and Activities
The Solivita Smashers Pickleball Club takes great pride in providing our members with many options for playing and enjoying the great game of pickleball. In addition to teaching players from Newbees to advanced, the basics and "finer" points of the game, we enthusiastically organize and conduct a variety of activities. We promote an environment of "Fun, Fitness and Friends". 

Regularly, members participate in scheduled play, leagues and open play. Additionally, "special events" are held for recreational play: Sadie Hawkins, Halloween Games and other Round Robin events. For higher competition, the club conducts the Polk Senior Games as well as Club Tournaments. We encourage and acknowledge players who play (and win) in outside tournaments. The club also supports opportunities for socializing like the Game Day Picnic and the year end Holiday Party. 

All of these activites are fun and benefit our members, but would not happen without the leaders of the club and the many volunteers who help and support these events.  Many "Thanks" to all who contribute their time and talents. 

The Board of Directors

Halloween Games - Another Great Success!
See the costume winners & more pictures in the Gallery...

Halloween Games

More pictures in "Gallery"

Celebrating Halloween, members compete in this social and recreational event on Saturday and Sunday near Halloween. Participants play in Round Robin format by skill level. On Saturday Men teams and Women teams, most in costume, play. Lunch is served to players and registered spectators.

On Sunday, Mixed Doubles teams play, also in costume. This is a fun event for all. Spectators cheer and laugh. Many pictures are taken of these creative costumes. 

A video of the event is posted on YouTube. Photos are posted to the Smashers Shutterfly account. This is a great way to welcome back many of our seasonal members. .

Sadie Hawkins Games 

This "Fun" event is held in April. Details are published and sent by email. Registration is required whether competin' or spectatin'. This is Round Robin play in the "DogPatch" spirit. "Daisy Maes" invite "L'il Abners to be their "pahdner." The women do the choosin' for this event. Partners cannot be a spouse or regular partner. The goal is to play with someone new. 

Players dress is their finest "Duds" but patches are OK. Play is "sort of" grouped by skill level and men are discouraged from aggressive play toward women...unless "Daisy" takes the lead. Everyone is a winner and "vittles" are served to players and registered spectators.

​Y'all come back, Ya hear!

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
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  8. Managing Director
Game Day Picnic
Food - Fun - Friends  ​​​​

Inidividual Games:
*  Bocce
*  Corn Hole
*  Shuffleboard
*  Horseshoes

TEAM Games:
*  Raw Egg Toss
*  Water Balloon
*  Blanket Toss

  1. Champion Pie-Eater
    Champion Pie-Eater
  2. New Dimensions High School
    New Dimensions High School
  3. Merchandise Sales
    Merchandise Sales
  4. Serving Lunch
    Serving Lunch
  5. Enjoying Lunch
    Enjoying Lunch
  6. Enjoying Lunch
    Enjoying Lunch
  7. Cornhole
  8. Water Balloon Toss
    Water Balloon Toss
  9. Raw Egg Toss
    Raw Egg Toss
  10. And Catch
    And Catch
  11. Friends Together
    Friends Together
  12. Blanket Volleyball
    Blanket Volleyball
  13. Bocce
  14. Bocce
  15. Bocce
  16. Volunteers

Year-End Holiday Party

In December, the Club has a party to look back at the year (in a photo montage) and program. This celebrates another successful year for Smashers members. The ballroom is decorated for the holidays adding to the atmosphere.  Music entertainment is provided and many enjoy dancing. The party reinforces our basic theme...Food, Fun and Friends!

It is also an opportunity to thank the retiring board members and introduce the new Smashers Board of Directors. 


The Smashers conduct the Pickleball tournament for the Polk Senior Games (Solivita is the site host). This annual 2 day competition, held in early March, is the largest event of the Polk Senior Games. Players from Central Florida and beyond, compete in this Florida Senior Games qualifier.

More Competition:

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
  • Solivita Olympics

  • "Good Guys" Tournament

  • Women's Tournament

  • Traveling to competition at other venues


No organization can function well without the contribution of its volunteers. There are many ways members can help, from the smallest job to managing or coordinating an event, ALL are needed. 

Every member should look at how they can help:
  • Set-up and take-down
  • Hospitality
  • Check-in
  • Organizing or coordinating 
  • Scheduling
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Computer skills
  • Communications
  • Promotion
  • and more...

VOLUNTEER TODAY - Contact any Board Member at smashers.board@gmail.com