Club Documents
On this page are the club documents. These include the Bylaws of the Club (current version). The Policies and Rules of the club are also available. These are in "downloadable" formats and can be optionally, viewed or saved on your device. 

These documents are also availabe in downloadable form on the SolivitaHOA website, plus Club Reports, like General Meeting Minutes, Financial Report and Smashers Roster. Since these Reports may contain confidential material, these are only available on  which requires a password to access the club information. 

Bylaw Updated and Approved

The Smashers Bylaws are the legal document that provides the framework of the club. These bylaws specify the qualification, rights and obligation of the members and the powers, duties and election of the board. At the September 6, 2016 General Membership Meeting the proposed bylaw amendments were reviewed, discussed and voted acceptance. There was only one significant change from the bylaws presented. The members voted to keep the "one (1) year off" provision for board members under Article 4, Section C (Term of Office). All other amendments were accepted as presented. Below are the Bylaws of the Solivita Smashers Pickleball Club.