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Learn to play Pickleball...

Sign-up Below for NEWBEE Classes

Newbee Clinic - Registration
Skills Clinic - Registration

Skills Clinic: Wednesday, Oct 11
1:30 - 3:00 pm at Freedom Park

The Smashers Club conducts a FREE 3 wk Clinic
Clinics are held monthly (except July & August)

The classes are held at the Palms Pickleball Courts at Solivita on Tuesdays from 10:30 am - Noon.

The classes begin on the first Tuesday of each month
Equipment is available for students. 

Please register to ensure enough instructors & equipment...

​Registration will be confirmed with class details. 

Registration Deadline: October 6

Students may select from a list of Classes.
Students provide their "Skill Level." Review the rating on document below.

Confirmation will verify registration.
SKILLS CLINIC Registration Form
NEWBEE CLINIC Registration Email

Mondays 4:30 - 6:00 pm at Freedom Park

Players interested in participating should report to the Pergola outside court #4 . Practice sessions will use court 6 & 7 to take advantage of the wall for some drills and additionally on courts 4 & 5 if needed.

This is a "DROP-IN" clinic. No registration is necessary, however, we ask students who attend to "sign-in" so we can contact them about future instruction opportunities. ​

Steve Almes, who proposed these sessions, will also work with students in "practice stations" that will be designed to practice particular skills: serves, returns, dinks, drop shots, backhand, and more. Other instructors will assist him in teaching specific drills. 

The practice sessions will divide players by skill level to provide the best opportunity for improvement of all students. Participants will also "play" incorporating the skills they have practiced with critique of court position and strategy.

A focus for these sessions is development of the "soft" game, incorporating off-speed shots, third shot drop shots, blocks and dinks. Also there is emphasis on CONTROL - making the shot in the direction and speed intended. But one session doesn't make this happen. Students who continue to practice and drill will have positive results over time.

Any questions or suggestions, please contact us by email at
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Clinic and Demonstration by Kyle Yate at Solivita, including Smashers members. Sponsored by Paddletek.

The Smashers Pickleball Club offers "instruction" for residents and members, conducted by our dedicated members who willingly share their knowledge and experience to help all players reach their potential.  
    The Newbee Clinic is held monthly beginning on the first Tuesday of the month at the Palms Pickleball Courts from 10:30 am to Noon. This is an introductory clinic of 3 classes (consecutive weeks) introducing students to the skills and rules of pickleball. Emphasis is on safety and courtesy. Loaner paddles are available. This is a FREE clinic to Solivita residents. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.
    The Smashers conduct a monthly clinic for experienced players to work on and improve their skills, court position and strategy. The clinic is held on the third Wednesday of the month at 1:30 - 3:00. During warm months, the time may be changed, (see club emails). REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED! Students indicate class choice (listed on club email each month) - 1st and 2nd choice. Students must identify their skill level according to the Skill Rating (numeric) click on link below to download. The purpose of the rating is to provide the best results when the students are similar ability.
  3. Practice Sessions
    Regular practice sessions with instructors. Drills and critique for students of all levels. Currently Tuesdays 6:00 - 7:30 pm at Freedom Park, courts 6 & 7. This is a "Drop-In" clinic - no registration is required. However, arrive a little early to allow instructors time to organize the skill groups.


Many members have found instruction resources on-line to share. We will provide links to some videos. Check out the links and send in any that you found helpful.

Ready Position at the NVZ (Deb Harrison)

Learn to Volley (Brian Staub)

Blocking - 2 Ways  (Sarah Ansboury)

Instruction and drills on 3rd Shot executionTion (Brian and Matt Staub)

Pickleball 411 - Pickleball Channel is an on-line media channel dedicated to Pickleball. It includes instruction and videos of competition. The Pickleball Channel is out of The Villages, but is also affiliated with the USAPA and covers tournaments throughout the country and National competitions, like the US Open Pickleball Championship held in Naples, FL in April, 2016. Videos may be accessed on Youtube or players may subscribe (free) to regular updates. 

Additional Instructional Video links
Making the "Call"    
 "In" or "Out" and Who makes it

Calling a ball "out" is a basic part of playing the game. But what is "in" and what is "out"? A ball that touches the line is "in".

Unlike a tennis ball or a racquetball, a pickleball is made of rigid plastic and DOES NOT COMPRESS. Therefore, the POINT OF CONTACT is where the ball actually TOUCHES the court. This POC is a small area, about the size of a dime, in the center/bottom of the ball. If the side of a ball overhangs a line, it is NOT "Touching" the line and therefore should be called according to the Point of Contact.

However, understanding POC, keep in mind that the calls are being made by players that are often moving or looking at a different angle and the ball is moving (and potentially spinning) as it travels from the paddle to the court surface. 

Pickleball like golf, is a game of integrity!Players should not intentionally make a bad call just to win a point. Good sportsmanship is more important than any point, game or match. So, players have to do the best they can in determining whether a ball is in or out. And yes, mistakes are made. But everyone's intent should be to "strive for accuracy" (6.D.4) and be fair. If there is any hesitation in making a call, then there must have been an element of "doubt" and the rules require that "doubt" is resolved in favor of the opponent. If you can't call it "out" immediately, then the ball is "in" play.

Archive of Past "Pickleball Tips" 

Rules of Pickleball
IFP - International Federation of Pickleball
The official Rules of Pickleball are maintained by the IFP. The USAPA is a member and reviews and modifies the rules as required.
Click on the  Link below to view or download the Rules from the USAPA site. 
Rules of Pickleball

Review & 

Rules: Section 6 - Line Call Rules 

Who makes the call? The rules are pretty clear about this. The team on the side of the bounce, makes the call...not a spectator no matter how well intended (6.D.3), nor the opponents, (unless asked 6.D.5). Players should strive for accuracy (6.D.4) and avoid making a call from across the court if the ball is landing close to the line because of distance and angle (6.D.5). 

Read Section 6 of the Rules for all details on Line Call Rules.  

Also, click on link for a video on Ball "In" or "Out" 

Coming soon... Authorized Pickleball.

Periodically, articles will be written addressing specific rules and interpretations. Also, any Rules Changes will be examined and discussed.