Solivita Smashers League

Smashers Leagues
"Leagues” are not quite what one might expect. These are generally groups of players of similar skill who play together on reserved court time. Leagues may be competitive or recreational and social.

A few leagues actually follow a schedule and record results (with a “winner”) at the end of a given period, but most play is by “rotation” of the players.
  • At the end of the first game, the winners stay on the court and split. The other players are replaced by 2 league players forming new teams.
  • At the end of the second game, the 2 players who have already played 2 games leave the court and are replaced, forming new teams.
This rotation continues - emphasis is on playing with different players & opponents for each game.

Leagues that play at 9:00 often have schedules to limit the number of players on and off the court during their league time. Captains send out a roster defining who plays and when. If a player is unable to play, a sub must be contacted, usually from other league players.

Other leagues may use an “open” format; whoever comes to the courts rotates in and plays. This works because there are often other courts available for play or other leagues of similar players.  Again, the goal is to vary competition among league players.

Ladder Leagues have recently become an option for some players.  This is actually a "hybrid" of training and competition. Players move up & down the ladder based on performance.  Players are initially "rated" by the standards of the captain to determine where to begin.  The league plays in the afternoon and players interested in joining should contact the Captain. 
​​There are limitations for leagues:
  • All league members must be Smashers members in good standing.
  • A league on 1 court must have a minimum of 6 players (minimum of 10 players for 2 courts).
  • Leagues  with the same players, may only be assigned 2 courts on a day & time.
  • The maximum number of days for a league with the same players, is 3 days a week.

If a league cannot fill its assigned courts…
  •  within 15 minutes of the start time, the court(s) will be available to other players or the MOO.
  • for 3 consecutive weeks, the league may lose authorization for the day and time.
  • may suspend their leagues for a specified time.
  • may apply again for available court time.​​​​

League Guidelines