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  • ​​Nov ember Newbee Clinic (3 classes) begins  Nov. 7
  • Skills Clinic - Wed. Nov 15 (Noon - 1:30 pm)
  • November General Membership Meeting - Nov. 7, 6:00 pm  - Starlite Ballroom
    • includes election of 3 board members
    • petitions vote
    • purchase Holiday Party tickets

  • Holiday Party - Dec. 11 (Monday) 5:30 - 9:30 - Starlite Ballroom (dinner and dancing)
  • ​December Clinics cancelled (Newbees and Skills) - resume in January 

If you are NOT receiving Smashers emails, see below and report the problem on the Contact page.

Amendments to Bylaws
At the September 19, 2017 Smashers General Membership Meeting, the proposed amendments were presented individually. The members passed unanimously, each amendment proposed except Article 6.
Section F:  Vacancies (Unchanged and continues the same as the previous Bylaws.)
"Vacancies on the Board of Directors which occur at any time shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining Directors.  Each person appointed shall serve out the remainder of the vacated term."

The updated Byaws may be downloaded below.

Solivita Smashers Pickleball Club Bylaws

Petitions presented to the board, by a member with 10% of membership concurring by signature, will be reviewed at the November 7 General Membership Meeting. Members are given the opportunity to review the petitions (see below). A vote for approval or to deny the petitions will be taken and if bylaws require amending, 2/3 of members attending must vote approval.

Are Yellow Shirts LEGAL in competition?

There have been discussions and even "rumors" about rule changes regarding clothing that may be distracting to players...Yellow or Neon colored shirts. 

We addressed this issue with the Rules Director of the USAPA, Christin Barksdale.

The Rules Committee is in the process of reviewing the entire rulebook, but it will be several months before any changes go into effect or published...Last Revised: June 15, 2016, available on USAPA website ( ).

Two different rules that could be applied: 
  • IFP Rule 2.F.1 Color: Clothing may be of any color
  • IFP Rule 2.F.2 Safety/Distraction: A Player may be required to change wet, extremely loose-fitting, or otherwise distracting garments.

With that being said, you may not penalize a player for the color of the shirt, but if there are other issues (ex: it is reflective or falling off the player) the TD may request a change of clothing. 

Why am I NOT getting the Smashers Email?

or How do I continue receiving Smashers Emails?

  • You must be a member in Good Standing (bylaws) and current in your dues (2017).
  • You must provide a current and correct email address.
If your email address changes, notify the Smashers (
The Smashers must have accurately recorded your email address.  Mistakes can be made -verify with the club that a correct email is being used.
  • OPEN your emails from the Smashers. Even if you have no interest in the topic, you can delete the email right away, but by “opening” the email, you are identifying the “Smashers” to your ISP (Internet Service Provider, like gmail, yahoo, aol, etc.) that this “sender” is acceptable.
  • Check your “Spam,” “Junk” or “Promotions” folders.  If you find a Smashers email, move it to your “inbox” and open the email.
If emails go “unopened” over a period of time, to protect their customers from unwanted emails, the ISP will send Smashers emails to other folders (Spam, Junk, etc.) instead of your “INBOX.”  If emails directed  to the “other” folders go unopened or are not “moved” to the INBOX, the ISP will “block” emails from that sender ( Once this occurs, there is little the Smashers can do to change the status.

What can be done  (more…)
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Some club information is confidential and is NOT included on this website until we are able to password protect that access. Therefore, club information of that nature will still be available to members on the community website only. 
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